Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery

When you lost or forget your saved windows dial up (RAS) password, this tool will help you to recover it. You can use registered version of Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery for without limits for you own passwords recovery. Dial-Up Password Recovery displays the RAS password hidden by asterisks *** . If you saved your dial up or VPN (RAS) password long time ago and forgot it, then Dialup Password Recovery is what you need. It help you to recover your passwords as soon as possible.

This tool was designed for Dialup, VPN (Remote Access) password recovery. It can help you to recover lost or forgotten passwords and your RAS settings.The program reads the password and allows user to copy it to computer memory or save it to the local text file for future purposes. To recover a password, you should select the one of available RAS settings. The password will be shown in a moment.

After recovery you can copy password to the computers memory (with Copy button) and then paste it (by pressing Ctrl+V) right to the text file or to the password prompt window or you can save whole RAS settings and recovered passwords to the text file. In just one steps it can recover your lost or forgotten password to the RAS connections.

Unregistered users of Dial-Up VPN password recovery can not view whole password. Trial/demo version shows only first two characters of the recovered password.  Program registration will allow you to remove all restrictions of a trial version.

Here are some key features of Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery:

  • Find out all dial-up and vpn passwords stored on Windows System (Win-9x, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
  • Copy recovered passwords to the clipboard for later purposes
  • Save recovered settings and password to the text file
  • Recover dial up and vpn settings such as: network device type and device name, phone number, IP address or host name User name, domain and password
  • Easy to use – the recovery is simple, just start the tool and select the connection.

Important note : This is not a hacking or cracking tool. We do not offer software cracks, hacking tools or other illegal software. We offer password recovery and other helping tools and services instead. Dial-Up VPN Password recovery program doesn’t remove password or change it, RAS Password Recovery Tool also doesn’t recover foreign user passwords. it just a Key to remind you forgotten password for Remote Access Connections (dial-up, vpn).

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