Frequently Asked Questions – Common

Q. Why your demo version of software is so limited ?

A. Password recovery tools are unlike regular software, it is very special, a typical password recovery tool may be needed only to restore that much needed document, and nothing more. You use it only once and if we will release a regular time-limited fully-functional trial version then we will lose a lot of our customers. Software development takes a lot of efforts from our specialists, so we simply wouldn’t be able to stay in business if we gave our software away for free. We have to offer you software with limited functions and capabilities so you can have a chance to evaluate them, and we have a chance to get paid for the full version and keep bringing you better products in the future. Your understanding is much appreciated !

Q. What differences between license types ?

A. With the Personal License, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. To use the program in a corporate, government or business environment, you should purchase a Business License. Site license has no limitation on use.

Q. My credit card were charged, but I didn’t hear from you. Where is my license code ?

A. If you’ve made a payment, but haven’t got a payment confirmation from registrar company, please check your order status, it can be unprocessed for some reasons. If you’ve made a payment, but haven’t got a confirmation letter with your serial number (registration code) within a reasonable amount of time, please notify us about that! We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused by those delays. Sometimes the reason is your ISP provider have spam blocked our emails. Do not forget to provide us a order details for we can find your registration info and re-send it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about MDB Unlock for Access

MDB Unlock for Access software – displays lost or forgotten password used in Access database locking. The program reads the password and allows user to copy it to computer memory, then MDB file can be opened with recovered password.

Q. I am just purchased your software for Access password recovering but can’t recover users password. What can I do if my file was damaged and how to open mdb with no permissions? I cannot open mdb file. Can you recover the mdb file structure if it is corrupted ?
A. Please use our advanced online recovery service. We are sure that we can solve your problem. Just send us your corrupt mdb file with recovery request and we will try to repair mdb database. If you are registered user, please don’t forget to include your registration name order number in the e-mail.

Q. How to remove the password for MDB file of 97 Access version?
A. Please do the following:

  1. Run the software against the protected file
  2. Recover the password and write it down or copy to clipboard
  3. Open your MDB file with MS Access and using recovered password in exclusive access mode, then remove the password using standard functions.

Q. It doesn’t extract user names and passwords from system Access database (.mdw .mda) ? What now ?
A. If you don’t have it – get the owner information (user name and security ID) from the database itself: you will not get the password, but will be able to create such user in your current Access installation and still open the file.

Q. I have tried to remove the password of MDB file and got the error message about permissions to use the object. What should I do to open the MDB file ? (You do not have the necessary permissions to use the object. Have you system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you.)
A. There is three common causes on which the file is not accessible:

  1. MDB the file is already opened with another program (for example MS Access)
  2. You do not have permission to work with MDB file objects (it is not password protection cause).
  3. MDB file is damaged and cannot be used until data array will be corrected.

In case when MDB file is opened in another software, close it and repeat the password recovery attempt… In most cases to operate with files you should have certain access rights (read, write…) to the file system objects (MDB file in this case). If the MDB file has been created by another user, you should get the enough permissions to access it. Otherwise you should be the computer OS Administrator to operate with object. However in some cases the damaged MDB files also can call similar errors at the processing. If you still have difficulties, please send your MDB file to our support team and you will get back the unprotected file.

Q. I have tried to remove the password of MDE file with demo program but it is not working. Why?
A. MDB Unlock for Access was developed to find passwords for only MDB files. MDE is compiled file and password can’t be recovered.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outlook Express Password Recovery Tool

Q. I am just purchased your software for Outlook Express password recovering but can’t recover passwords. What can I do ?
A. Please make sure that you trying to recover passwords which were saved in OE account settings. Only saved passwords can be recovered.

Q. It doesn’t extract account settings and passwords from my The-Bat email client. What now ?
A. This software was developed only for Microsoft Outlook Express Accounts Password recovery. Please try our software before you purchase it, it is the part of End User Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outlook Transfer

Q. I tried to run the trial version and get the error message “class is not registered”. What to do ?

A. Please do the following:

  • Remove Outlook Importing tool (uninstall it)
  • Download the latest version of Outlook Transfer utility
  • Install the downloaded version

* – Please check the software compatibility information

Frequentry Asked Questions about Safe File Shredder

Q. I have deleted some files with the Safe File Shredder and lost the backup copy. How can I restore those files ?
A. Sorry, it is not possible to recover the data after shredding by our software. Please read the instructions carefully before using our product. You should use the Move option to make the safe files backup.

Q. Why your software is not working on my MAC OS computer ?
A. We are producing the MS Windows compatible software only, sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery

Q. How do I recover my saved passwords ? I am just download your tool. What can I do ?
A. Just run the Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery tool and select the appropriate connection, saved password will be automatically shown. You can use the refresh button to make sure that all connections are displayed.

Q. How can I save recovered passwords ?
A. With copy button, you can store the password to the Windows clipboard. You can paste it to the notepad or such text editor and save it as text file for further use. Also you can save RAS settings and recovered passwords with SAVE button.

Q. How to restore a dialup password for another user?
A. Dial-Up VPN Password Recovery is not hacking tool. We can’t allow you to see the personal passwords for another user without permission. But if you have a permissions and you can log on by the user name which is given to you by another user and recover the passwords.