Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery

Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery
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Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery is a tool for recovering forgotten or lost passwords to Outlook Express mail and news accounts and Identity Password. The program recovers password for email and visualizes the settings of mail and news accounts of Outlook Express versions 5, 5.5, 6. (The Outlook Express version 4 is not compatible!) The program recovers passwords for email and displays information for all set of identities for the current user.

Microsoft Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery solution

Password Recovery Tool for Outlook Express Accounts (Backup tools for OE accounts and passwords), recovers password for email accounts.

At long use the set of e-mail accounts you can easily forget or lost the password to one or even to several mail boxes. In this situation you will be compelled to register a new account at the mail provider, but it is not comprehensible in some cases. In this case to you will need to notify all friends and colleagues that the mail box were changed, but even in this case, the weight of emails will be lost on an old account together with password for email.

With the ASAP Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery tool you will relieve yourselves of such problems.

It can easily restore the lost or forgotten password for email accounts saved in Outlook Express, and also to save the restored passwords together with options such as: E-mail Account, Display Name, Incoming (POP3) Server Name, Incoming User Name, Incoming Server Password, Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name, Outgoing User Name, Outgoing Server Password, Identity name and Identity password.

This is the best way to recover all Outlook Express (POP3, SMTP account email passwords and news server passwords). ASAP OE Accounts Password Recovery is able to restore and save passwords for email accounts of all available Identities in Outlook Express. The program is simple in use and does not demand advanced computer user skills. It is enough to start the program and saved Outlook Express password will be restored. You will need to choose email account to see the password. Further it can be copied in a clipboard and used on your discretion. Also you can save account settings and passwords in a text file. We recommend you to store this file on personal devices, Such as CD, Memory Stick or Flash Drive. Do not save a file with passwords in shared folders.

* Unregistered version shows only partial password, some letters are hidden by asterisks.

How to use ASAP Outlook Express Accounts Password Recovery Tool

You should perform two easy steps to recover your lost password.

1. Run Mail Password Recovery Tool, the recovery process will be started automatically
2. Choose the Email account at the left side. Recovered password for email account and account information will be displayed at the right side.

Now you known how to retrieve your forgotten or lost email passwords as soon as possible with our OE Password recovery tool (download it). It is really simple. Whether not so?

Important notices: ASAP OE Accounts Password Recovery does NOT recover passwords of Web-based email accounts, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). It can recover only OE passwords which are stored (previously saved) at the Outlook Express settings.

Note: the unregistered program recovers only the first two characters for each account password. You can buy the full version of the program on-line at purchase page to disable all functional restrictions. The program is NOT compatible with Windows 95 ! It was designed only for Windows XP but it can work also on other Windows versions, please download and try it in restricted mode to make sure that it can work on your OS version.

Important note : This is not a hacking or cracking tool. We do not offer software cracks, hacking tools or other illegal software. We offer password recovery and other helping tools and services instead. OE Password recovery program doesn’t remove password or change it, it is also doesn’t recover another user passwords, only the current user. You may use the program if you legally own the accounts the program will process. You may also use the program if you have permission from the legal account owner. Recovered data and passwords may not be used illegally. Any illegal use of this software for recovering data and passwords may lead to civil or criminal prosecution.

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas on improving our software, please let us know. Your feedback is important for us in order to get an idea of how to make our Software better for you. We really appreciate your comments and feedbacks. If you have any problem or question, feature request or inquiries, do not hesitate to our support team. Just send us email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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